Monday, April 06, 2020

  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

    Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

    A Creditors Voluntary Liquidation is usually instigated by the Directors of the Company after seeking financial advice from their Accountants and in certain cases from an Insolvency Specialist, and after deciding to place the Company into liquidation as it is insolvent.

    Directors should not ignore signs of insolvency and continue to trade while insolvent. If it is proven that a Director knew or ought to have known that the Company was not in a position to pay its debts as they fall due they can, in certain instances, be found personally liable for the debts of the Company.
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  • Members Voluntary Liquidation

    Members Voluntary Liquidation

    When the Directors of a Company decide to cease a Company and there are assets and/or cash within the Company a Members Voluntary Liquidation is a simple, cost-effective and tax-saving method of winding up a Company and extracting the assets to the benefit of the Shareholders.

    A Members Voluntary Liquidation is not a form of insolvency; however, it is a process taken by solvent Companies only.
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  • Court Liquidation

    Court Liquidation

    A Court Liquidation, also known as an Official Liquidation is when a Liquidator is appointed to a Company by Order of the High Court. The High Court will make an Order to wind up a Company and appoint a Liquidator on foot of a petition to have the Company wound up. Read More
  • Examinership


    An Examinership is a formal process to restructure an insolvent Company while under the protection of the High Court. The Examiner will review the Company’s affairs and formulate a Scheme of Arrangement for presentation to a meeting of the Creditors and Shareholders. Read More
  • Receivership


    Receivership is a method for a charge holder to recover outstanding borrowings where a loan under a debenture has defaulted. The function of a Receiver appointed by the debenture holder is to take possession of the assets subject to the charge held by the debenture holder. Read More
  • Corporate Recovery

    Corporate Recovery

    Our Insolvency Team are able to provide specialist services in Corporate Turnaround, Restructuring and Schemes of Arrangement.

    We are available to assess businesses in difficulty, identify the problems facing a Company, consider the viability of the business, create a rescue plan and recommend solutions, and monitor the implementation of the rescue plan.
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  • Personal Insolvency

    Personal Insolvency

    As part of our forensic accounting service, we work closely with Client, Solicitor and Counsel in relation to each case including Matrimonial Disputes, Company Valuations or Personal Injury cases.
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